Visual artist | Book artist

My paintings tell about this time, ordinary everyday life, feelings and moods

I try to find its essence in every moment. In my paintings, I bring out these moods and the meanings of the moments through ink, line and movement in an abstract way. Each mood is preceded by an idea of the movement of line shape associated with it. So in my paintings, I strive for simplicity, where the movements of the line, the delicate Japanese ink and the meager world of colours create that atmosphere.

I have begun my career as a bookbinder but the passion for artistic expression drove me first to immerse myself in the forms. Later when I studied to become a visual artist painting has risen to be my primary form of expression.

Terhi Hursti
The sound of one hand

Exhibitions & news

28.5.-3.9.2022  Exhibition in Dryer Gallery, Alpo Jaakola’s Statuary Park, Loimaa

2.-30.7.2022  Exhibition in St. Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel, Turku

3.-4.9.2022  Konstrundan

7.-11.9.2022  Habitare

The falling snow 
masks me as a part of the forest.
Here I belong. 
In the shore of a lake, 
midst the trees, 
to the paths unknown. 
On a trip of my own 
through the tides of life, 
with each other. 
Living for the moment.